- Steel Structure Works

Mild steel structure are installed suspended on the existing ceiling slab to hang the longitude, latitude and x-ray tube with collimator in almost all general x-radiology room including Fluoroscopy and Angiography room set up. These mild steel structures are part of the pre-installation works for this kind of equipment where ionizing radiation passes through the collimator which is suspended on moving rails.

There are several ways and materials to built these structures and the configuration of these structures depends on equipment supplier’s specific. Noticeably, the European and the American made equipment recommends “Unistrut” as the base material for the hanger, while the Asian supplier would go for mild steel. All the material mentioned above serve a primarily purpose i.e. to secure the rail which hangs the overhead x-ray collimator, “C” arm or monitors. We using I-beams, ‘C’ channels and even Unistrut.